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As ambassadors for Muc-Off, i am often out riding my bikes and get asked how do you keep you bike looking so good? the usual response from me is just rinse it down, no sponges or polishing.

Now of course this is often followed by a stunned silence and somewhat confused face, however i quickly explain that i do it in 3 stages really..

Clean, protect, Lube,, Now by chance this is the same motto that Muc-Off use but its true i have been doing it for years and it shows, one of my competition bikes is getting on for 2 years old and its still looking as good today as it did when it left the factory and this is down to using the right products on the bike, i don't even use a cloth the only tool in my cleaning box is a jet wash, but i do use the excellent products from Muc-off over time they build up giving even more protection, they stop minor scuffs and rust, the Muc-off cleaner simply lifts the dirt of the bikes so no need for any scrubbing or use of cloths that could scratch the bike, then i use a spray to drive out moisture and coat everything particularly the electrics, then finally i use a lube on the chain and other parts to make sure its right for the next competition.

Using the correct method and product really does go a long way to protecting you bike and its so quick and easy, all the products you need we have in store and your welcome to come a look at just how clean out bikes are, look out for a video on our face book Page North Pennines e-bikes