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North Pennines e-Bike Maintenance and Servicing in Durham

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So you've Bought you e-Bike, well let me tell you theirs more to it than just riding, but don't worry if you don't know your laughing shaft from your giggle pin were here to cut out the gabber and make sense of it all with simple service steps.

Firstly North Pennines e-bikes are based in the stunning location of edmundbyers in the North Pennines AONB, so your ride here will be a pleasant one not driving around some town centre trying to get parked, so lets get down to it now were here. e-Bikes are similar to a normal bike in that they have a frame and wheels the difference is the components, at first glance they are the same however they are or should be up rated for e-bike and manufactures often stamp this on to make you awear, but don't worry a good e-Bike specialist would know this and only fit e-bike approved parts.

e-Bike Approved stamp example

So with this in mind and the fact that your technical master piece (your e-Bike) your pride and joy your going to want to look after it correctly.

At North Pennines e-Bikes bases in Durham we have thought how can we make things simple, affordable and enjoyable for our customers well here is how Bike maintenance can be a good day out In the North Pennines.


Our service levels come in 3 steps Bronze Silver and Gold, you can have a look here

Helping you choose what service you need done is easy, If you bought your e-bike from us you will have already had a service package induced for a year, but if not don't worry, here we go;


If your bikes a bit cluky, you haven't used it much or for months then a Bronze service will usually get it back up and running like wise if you just want to keep on top of it as a regular user, you can have this service done as often as you like its recommended before trips away or every few months.


This is our usual annual service and by far the most popular, this is usually preformed yearly for average leisure riders and ensures that your e-bike is in top gear and performing to its best. If your a serious commuter or e-Mountain biker its recommended that this be performed every 6 Months and you have our gold service performed yearly.


The top Level service package apart from this you would be having a bike rebuild !, this checks every item, changes out old brake fluid that retains moisture and dirt cleans essential components that often get over looked and really goes a long way to keep you e-bike looking and performing its very best. This service is recommended every 2 years for most commuters and leisure cyclists however if your a serious user then we recommend this service yearly and you also have a silver service done every 6 months.


So 3 Levels of Maintenance costs that's it, no more how much or unexpected you can see the costs right here, so here is to bike maintenance made easy at North Penines e-Bikes In Durham.

Now we did say fun day out while your bikes work was been completed ?, well if you book your bike in for a work with us we will give you the option to hire a e-bike with 50% discount ! so you can got out and about and explore Derwent reservoir or beautiful Blanchland while we do the spannering ! and if you bought your e-Bike from us this service is completely free ! Now theres forward thinking.